New Mobile Technology – What Are the New Technologies and How Can I Utilize Them?

mobikom2-600x300The world of cellular technology is a landscape that is rapidly changing, with manufacturing companies vying to fill the mobile users’ ever increasing hunger for new attributes and better gear at acceptable price in a competitive marketplace.

So what is new? Who has not heard of the latest incarnation of the most successful, and some would argue still the greatest, cellular touch cellphone – the Apple 3G S. It is faster, has more storage, a better camera that can shoot internet access, videos, voice management, maps – the list goes on. It is also not now more expensive.

Next up we’ve Mobile VOIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol – a means of making a phone call from your 3G enabled cellular using the web to take the call rather than the cellular network as you ordinarily would. The primary advantage is the price – as internet access is on a fixed cost, you can use this procedure to phone elsewhere in the world with an internet connection. Savings can be enormous; especially for international calls. Now Skype (popular for PC to PC phone calls), TruPhone and a firm called Fring offer a mobile VoIP service for 3G smart phones.

09But are the cellular telephone suppliers going to stay informed about folks’s ever increasing want to see TV and video live on their apparatus? The present batch of 3G (3rd Generation) apparatus are fine, but have their limits. So, in development is the 4G (4th Generation) cellular telephone. This will give the user not only high quality on demand video streaming (for TV), but also accessibility to broadband web, video chat and quick download of video and music content. A great mobile entertainment center of a bag.

An intriguing, though possibly irritating craze has developed taking advantage of one of the most used attributes of cellular technology – Blue tooth. Initially intended as a simple process by which two Blue tooth enabled devices could swap advice and messages over short spaces wireless, it has an additional function: ‘blue jacking’. ‘Blue jacking’ only entails sending unsolicited (and anonymous) messages to someone else’s apparatus within range of the perpetrator. One routine ‘blue jacker’ was quoted as saying, “The priceless expression on the face of my first casualty as he attempted to work out what was going on has turned me into a routine blue jacker.” However, there are simple methods to prevent yourself being ‘jacked’ – turn your Blue tooth when you are not using it off: do not make your device discoverable – but lots of folks do not trouble.