Honest Review Of Siteground Web Hosting

When you start a new business, you would want the information of the business to reach many people. In today’s world, the internet is the best option. So when you plan to opt for a web hosting so that people can access your website, you will be in a dilemma to select which web hosting out of the lot. Many web hosting provides different things which you will need. However, it is difficult to select one which matches all your need. Now, there is no need to worry.

Siteground can help you with cloud hosting and WordPress plans which will suit your business. In the 2017 siteground review, many businesses which are in its initial stage prefers Siteground. Hostreview.com has named Siteground as one of the best web hosting services for businesses. Siteground offers several plans to the users which they can select according to their need. Siteground have three server locations which are in Amsterdam in Europe, Illinois in the United States and Singapore in Asia-Pacific.

What makes Siteground different? It is the plans which they give to the users. For a startup plan, they give 10GB storage, 10000 visitors in a month with the offer of unlimited emails. For a bigger plan, they offer 20GB storage space with 25000 visits per month. Siteground is designed in such a way that it can auto-scale with traffic surges which can make your site down. Siteground offers different plans which start from $60 a month and which can go up to $140 a month. If you need more power you can customize your cloud hosting plan.

Siteground has got dedicated servers and you have the privilege to select from CPU, Raid, Ram and other storage configurations. If you are having Linux based servers then Siteground is the best option. Siteground also offers WordPress hosting. It also offers enhanced security for your site, provides automated backups daily, staging, page caching and other system updates. Siteground offers free domain names, once click installation and free account transfers. If you are looking for a website builder then Siteground will not be able to provide that however, it can give your wizard based tutorials.

Siteground has got different security options such as HackAlert monitoring which you can get if you pay $1 monthly, hotlink protections and also provides you with blocklists. Siteground gives the leech protect which is the major feature of it. It means the administrators can block users from posting the passwords of the sites publically. Sitecheck is a major tool given by Siteground which is a software scanning tool that can check if your site has got any malware. This tool is great in reducing those query messages from the users

The team of Siteground is also dedicated and happy to help 24/7 via live chat and telephone support. Rather than giving out the tickets and waiting for the service, the Siteground team ensures that the client’s query gets cleared as soon as possible. With this kind of support, one can very well say that Siteground has emerged as one of the best web host providers we have till date.