Breakthrough Battery Charging Technologies

technologyBattery chargers are devices that feed electric currents into rechargeable batteries to revive their energy. Protocols for charging depend of its size and the kind of battery. Some batteries are programmed to take while being linked to a constant current source overcharging. When the battery is recharged such types may need manual disconnection or they may cut-away at a time that is given through a timer. Those sorts that cannot resist overcharging may have inbuilt temperature and voltage sensing circuits to cut off when fully charged.

Electricity limits are seriously prohibitive although over the decades, smart phones and other devices are now advanced with each passing year. The battery has not seen the kind of advance that other apparatus have. But all that may be changing.

battery-chargingIt’s just now that large technology firms including those making electric vehicles have become conscious of the limits of lithium-ion batteries. The maximum recharge duration of the greatest Smartphone is restricted to less than 60 hours while operating systems have become more and more power efficient. Enormous investments are being made by universities all over the world into various research, studies and discoveries. Yet, despite the many developments that have taken place particularly in the last two decades, the ‘perfect replacement’ hasn’t yet been reached. Production techniques cost any additional changes and enormous sums have prices that are enormous.

But we may see tremendous changes as early as 2017 with superfast 30-second recharging and over the air charging likely to begin trending.

Some of the trail-breaking discoveries and technologies could be those that we’re reading around already.

• Lithium-air breathing batteries – this mean oxygen is the oxidizer resulting in batteries costing almost a fifth of the cost and weighing a fifth less than lithium ion making automobiles, mobiles and other devices last longer. Dallas University remains pursuing this discovery and it may take to come to market.